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Garnish your hospital services with a post-consultation message

By Avinash

Posted on 2019-07-30 at 10:00 PM 0 277

The cooling down process after every workout is as essential as warming up prior to the beginning. This means the post process should be handled wisely for improved effects. This is similar in case after a consultation.

Imagine a situation, a patient has consulted his/her doctor and has been satisfied with the services including the staff behavior. When he/she reaches home, he/she receives a message or email from their healthcare service provider expressing their gratitude to serve the patient. This is where the content part comes in!

Let us discuss the importance and the effect of receiving a post-consultation message!

A post consultation message will create a positive effect on the patient’s mind regarding your services. This makes you create an impact that you are obliged to serve them and looking forward to their recovery. You should keep the message sweet and short. Do not start by explaining all of your services and present your hospital/clinic profile! Nobody at that time of period is interested in all such crap! Just keep it simple and short. Do not force them to read the whole unnecessary information.

You can try these sample templates and make the necessary changes:

Text Message: Make sure that you include all the concerned information in and around 160 characters. Because the limit for a text message is 160 characters. Include the major things like concern, say that you feel glad that they choose you for their treatment and any contact number. You can also provide references through this to promote your professional colleagues only in necessary cases.

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Content Marketing – Do not underestimate the content during the hospital marketing process

By Ilyas

Posted on 2019-08-03 at 10:00 PM 0 174

Hospital Marketing is always required to build your healthcare brand and promote your hospital patient count. But many of us concentrate on the marketing process and its execution neglecting the content involved in the promotion. Content is the backbone of your promotions. It expresses your message and represents an image of your hospital or healthcare organization. A strong content adds value to your marketing and advertising strategies and boosts the execution and results.

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